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Heating only Boilers*
System Boilers*
Gas Fires
Fire Places
Gas Hobs
Gas Cookers

*All our boilers fitted are condensate boilers by law
We are licensed to issue 'Declaration Of Safety' Certificates
Has your landlord shown you their 'Declaration Of Safety' certificate?
If not, demand to see it now. You may be living in a house not suitable for occupation!
Click on the fact sheet button above for more information.

If you are having gas work done in your home the person doing the work must be CORGI registered. They must also hold the correct qualifications to do the type of work you need.

In the wrong hands, gas can be a killer; from obvious gas explosions, to the silent killer carbon monoxide, but is completely safe if installed and maintained correctly.

Please don't trust your family's safety to anybody else.

DJC Plumbing, Heating and Gas Engineers are Fully Corgi Registered, meaning we go through rigorous training and ongoing inspections, giving you the reassurance that your central heating, gas cooker or fire is installed and running correctly!

For more information on the possible effects of Carbon Monoxide and general gas safety, please click on the fact sheet button below.


From 1st April 2005 following changes to Building Regulations it became a legal requirement for installers to notify their local Building Control Office whenever they install a heat producing appliance in a residential property.  This will have to be inspected and could cost up to £300.
However, by using a CORGI Registered Installer who is able to self-certify, Local Building Control will be notified directly, which should offer you significant savings. This applies to England and Wales only, ask your CORGI Registered Installer if Building Regulations is relevant to your work, and if they can help you to avoid Buiding Control charges.