We can Design your new Central Heating System using the latest 'A' rated condensing boilers with...

System Boilers
Combi Boilers
Y Plan Systems
S Plan Systems
Pressurised Cylinders
Gravity Fed Cylinders


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We Install all components of your new Central Heating System, and being fully Corgi Registered you have peace of mind of a safe installation for your home and your family, and to give you additional comfort, all our work in Fully Insured!


We can upgrade any or all of your existing Central Heating Systems including....

Your old Boiler for a New 'A' rated model

Convert from Open Vent to a Sealed System

Fitting New Thermostatic Radiator Valves

New Electrics to the latest Timeclock and Roomstat

Installing a new Electric Boiler


We can Alter every component of your Central Heating System including....

Moving your Boiler
Adding a new radiator
Moving a radiator
Removing a Radiator
Move Radiator while Decorating
Fit Towel Rails


powerflushIf any part of your Central Heating Systems requires maintenance, we can do it. We can also 'Power Flush' your System, adding Years to its life, improving efficiency and reducing your Gas Bill!